The warriors of tomorrow

Warriors of tomorrow,
In the arms of their mom,
Son of battlefield while grown.



We born untitled,

Got a name in middle,

Entitled dead body at end.

The Life We Created

Inches moved by clinches,gasped,
Momentary loss of our beings,
Rain of sweating ,breath shared.


X part of me budding,
At the promise of love and affection,
Little flower smiling in womb.

Hold my finger

Every step you move on,

Before you tamper the prints, hold me

Baby, world is under feet.


reverberating hearts cast on,
brims sliding against each other,
love in the slow motion.

Survival of the fittest


An erected rocket,

Injected the sperm,

Voyaging universe,

Searching for oozytes,

New life formed,

Survival of the fittest.