An open letter from Mars to Earth : We can’t spare you

Dear Earthians,

As on dated 19 January 2506, we wrote a letter to you and requested a prompt reply and action towards the wellness of Mars. Unfortunately we have no reply from you, and we are here by requesting you reply as soon as possible you receive this letter. Failing to do so will result in danger to the whole universe.

The number of space crafts landing on Mars have not been reduced or stopped. We already had warned about this and we can’t spare you any more.In the last 4 months, we have more than 10,000 Earthians landed on Mars and it’s getting more and more overfilled now.

The amount of plastics, space suits,electronic wastes, human wastes, chemicals, dead space crafts and nuclear wastes.The risk of these wastes pose a serious threat to the Martians. We are really in need of controlling or expelling human species from Mars, unless we will be in a place of desert for living.

At 3,000 km from north pole we have noticed a slight landslide because of the repeated impact of the space vehicles. This is the first disaster we have noticed and we are all in high alert of any space crafts.

All our defence forces are given rights to shot down the crafts from Earthians. So better you stop the travels or else we will taking another hard step to prevent any further human entries. Human entries are denied now and any further crafts landings, and we are well equipped for counteracting to prevent from your haughty efforts to enter into Martian space. Only the replies to our mails will stop us making any further clumsy relationship.

The Supreme Ruler                                                                                                                          19 May 2506

Love Capsule

Time Capsule: a keepsake container of personal goods and information for future generation.

A keepsake container of you,

I placed you on my heart, memory

A time capsule of love.

The sky

God’s ground for the game,

Of stars, planets, moons ,creatures and laws

To create, protect. and destroy.

I want to live there

Want to live above the clouds,
Play with the fog of fresh air,
Want to touch the feet of the moon,
Kiss the fingers of the stars,
Want to hide the sun on my palm,
Hide under the blanket of the sky,

Want to enjoy every moment of life,
Under the carnal knowledge of nebulae,
Want to play with those baby stars,
Till my last breathe of my life.

Planets in celebration

sparkling cluster of candle stars,
wiping the afar darkness of black holes,
planets are celebrating the Xmas.


Ripples of those black holes,
Hiding the secrets of space splash,
Gravity’s place of birth.

Unlucky earth

We are cursed with a single Moon,
Of losing him once in every month,
How lucky those Jupiterians?
Of having 63 Moon nights filling-
The blue sky of the giant planet,

How I am unlucky to be here,
On the single mooned earth,
Will find a way to you there,
Rest my soul upon the air.