Inhuman bastards of the earth

Thee, you inhuman being,

Born with silver spoon,

You invented the non-existent,

Discovered the hidden gems,

Glorified your crowns with own names,

Spilled the plate and spoon,

Till your stomach grown belly,

Stolen wealth of the people,

Lived under the umbrella of the kingdom,

Created poverty and war of food,

You created, you created the inhuman bastard,

Didn’t they live happily?

With nature and happiness,

Made them the runners of bread and water,

We curse you inhuman beings around!

Pride of Forest: The Lion


Manes radiating your manliness,
Being the king of the jungle,

You stand by every pride,
Saving hubs and your lovely chicks,

Wild and feline species,
Roaring upto five miles away,

Affectionate and lovely lioness,
Letting suckle the orphaned cubs,

Extended family life lesson of prides,
The king teach us, wild though,

Letting the hunting sin to the wife
O, my king you lost the pride,

Shelter under your surveillance,
Prides safety asssured forever,

A salute to the prince of forest,
We have a benevolent heart,
To save you on earth with no harm.