A Sinned Lover


Deprived of love and affection,

I poured as much I can,until,

You teased them into pieces.

Love is..

Upon a stranger smile,

Tender feet kissed mother,

A girl’s glance everyday,

Father’s care of daughter,

Unknown follower’s unexpected appreciations,

Employer who cares you,

Unlimited unexpected uncontrollable heart,

A guy’s only expectation,

Undefined value in soul,

Carried in coming births.

If eyes could speak

Words will shed as tears,
Every feeling of you, written and be,
Rolling as river of rain.

Quatrain Lips

The tender lips in rain,

Gasping the glance of your siren eyes,

Kissed, quatrain poetry of lips.


X part of me budding,
At the promise of love and affection,
Little flower smiling in womb.

The war of hearts

Fighting furiously,

to be better half,

all the while of my life,

to the extend of the universe,

vividly portraying,

the lines of folklore,

hearts beating the rhythm,

of love.

Eyes expose my heart

Eyes can’t keep my heart,

They can’t keep my feelings,

They can’t save it for seconds,

Shed the tears,

Breaking my silence into deep cry,

Eyes can’t hide feelings in,

They expose it to the world.

Diamond -thee heart

Don’t love to leave me alone-
In the jungle of the aches,
Longing for the sweet breeze of your lips,
As a shadow of the autumn leaves-
Falling underneath my feet,
I am strangled-
In the jungle of the aches,
Waiting for the spring to return,
Will collect  the honey dews,
Hold it long for you-
In the jungle of the aches.

Bust up hurts not, but.

Breakup not hurts the heart,

but clogs the veins,exhales oxygen out

emblematize stigma of fake love.

Learned Today

Marry the one whom you love or the one who loves you, or else meet the suffering of your life.