Empty hands


Satan is filled with weapons,

God is left with empty hands,

People are left stranded!

Let them listen in the court


Some fall on the earth,

To let others walk smooth,

Some cry on the edge of life,

To let others fly on high,

Some sleep on the streets,

To let others rest on the velvet,

Some make a fake smile,

To let others be happy a while,

Some speak a lie,

To let others live,

Some speak the truth,

To make this world to live,

We shall speak the truth,

Let them listen in the court!

For a friend living far away


Friend lit up the fire,

Burning the heart and soul,

– A perseverance inside me!

Want to save whom?


Fighting to save the God?

Or Fighting to save you?

-God asked to save yourself!

God is now’ here

No’where but in you

And in me, he is

Staying within us.

Satan government


Rule against civilians,

Perish God’s will;

Satan rules  the earth?