A new day begins


Stains left on the heart

Stories written on the way

-Leave it on the street!

Poverty Control Board

How to control poverty?

Control the birth?

-A mystery of God’s destination!

Depends where you stop!

Not where you start,

It matters where you stop.

-Never get down the ladder!

My heart speaks


They laughed at you.

If you climb the ladder,

-They are sitting below you!

Saint or Friend


Know yourself to be a saint,

Let him know your –self,

– To be your best friend!

Fighting for?


We born naked

Will go with bare body

-Fighting for what?

You are responsible!


Think before you act,

Never think after you acted.

-You are responsible for what you are!

Bird’s nest


Poor dad,

Planning to build a house.

-Within the span of his life.

Theoretical life

I spent the life,

Reading the holy books,

-No time to follow anything!

Mars conquered

Dear men,

Where is our independence?

-Are we enslaved by you?