Depends where you stop!

Not where you start,

It matters where you stop.

-Never get down the ladder!

I know myself

I stand in front of the mirror,

It shows my real me,

-I found myself who I am.

Fighting for?


We born naked

Will go with bare body

-Fighting for what?

You are responsible!


Think before you act,

Never think after you acted.

-You are responsible for what you are!

Bird’s nest


Poor dad,

Planning to build a house.

-Within the span of his life.

Know what she hath


The gleaming eyes of the Sun,

The glooming cheeks of the Moon,

The glittering red planet lips,

The feathery feet of Mercury,

The Aphrodite heart of Venus,

The jealous planet of Jupiter below waist,

The sadist Saturn on her chest,

The bluish Uranus on the eyebrows,

The nerves of  the Neptune in front,

Invisible to the naked eyes.

She is space and an angel,

She came like savior and lover,

She is truthful and living,

Yes, She is living on the Earth!

Black is beautiful

Blue in rise,

Orange in set,

Pearls in the black sky!

Mirage in Dream


Was sleeping on the rose bed,

Felt I was so thirsty,

She came like an angel,

Showed her curves,

A mirage on her body – quenched!

Does it hurt your heart?


Hey, my love, tell me

does it hurt? ,being lonely,

longing for love,sleepless nights,

does it hurt? ,being caught,

living for love, unspoken words,

does it hurt?, being trapped,

killing the time, hidden days,

does it hurt?, being silent,

living far away, within the arteries,

does it hurt?, when I say,

good-bye to you, looking for a change,

does it hurt?, a life without me,

I know you can’t live a long,

When I leave you alone.

Mars conquered

Dear men,

Where is our independence?

-Are we enslaved by you?