Does it hurt your heart?


Hey, my love, tell me

does it hurt? ,being lonely,

longing for love,sleepless nights,

does it hurt? ,being caught,

living for love, unspoken words,

does it hurt?, being trapped,

killing the time, hidden days,

does it hurt?, being silent,

living far away, within the arteries,

does it hurt?, when I say,

good-bye to you, looking for a change,

does it hurt?, a life without me,

I know you can’t live a long,

When I leave you alone.

Let the sun set forever

Digital Art By mrm

Under the full moon shadow,

Cool wind with the fresh air,

Shadows on the sands,

We are walking, On the sea water,

on the moon, under the moon light,

A world, only for two of us,

The loneliness haunts into bliss,

We are stopped by our hearts,

Searching for the people,

Searching for the new life there,

We are lost ourselves.

Tell me, Do you like it?

No one here,This is our world!

For a friend living far away


Friend lit up the fire,

Burning the heart and soul,

– A perseverance inside me!

Trees are in tears

Rain stopped,

Tear drops fall from the leaves,

Trees are crying.

Honey lips

Beetles imbibed the honey,

Honey petals are falling,

Flowers to be dead in the eve!

A discharged life


Where is thought and heart?

Let  it be there,

– Safer than here, in your hands!

Fusion of hearts


She looked at my eyes,

I am lost my state,

-Do girls have electrons in eyes?



You held my head,

Came close and closed eyes ,

‘Six Quarks’ passed, nuclei created!


Note: A quark is a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter.. There are six types of quarks, known as flavors: up, down, strange, charm, top, and bottom