A Heart Engine

Lips locked,

Petrol flowed,

-Spark ignited in heart!

Who are you here, dear?

Some make me happy,

If I think or If I see or If I talk.

-Who are you here, dear?

The Supreme Judge


Be simple and humble,

Let him decide if you deserve,

-Kneel down and say ‘Lord’.


Four lips

One second

-Nerves electrified.

His eyes are dancing…


He opened his eyes,

They are dancing,

-My body as a stage!

Know what she hath


The gleaming eyes of the Sun,

The glooming cheeks of the Moon,

The glittering red planet lips,

The feathery feet of Mercury,

The Aphrodite heart of Venus,

The jealous planet of Jupiter below waist,

The sadist Saturn on her chest,

The bluish Uranus on the eyebrows,

The nerves of  the Neptune in front,

Invisible to the naked eyes.

She is space and an angel,

She came like savior and lover,

She is truthful and living,

Yes, She is living on the Earth!

A silent speaker


Words are lost,

I am dumb and deaf,

-Don’t stop talking!

Mirage in Dream


Was sleeping on the rose bed,

Felt I was so thirsty,

She came like an angel,

Showed her curves,

A mirage on her body – quenched!

Will I meet again?

I came around like an Electron

You stayed like a Nucleus,

– Only dreams can unite us!


She asked me to write…


A poem about her,

I wrote thousands of,

-But, She won the game!