The world within us

Of the world within us, a million stars shine,
We live in our own mirage of philosophy,
Every cell in our celestial body-
Equals a millions of solar systems,
Burns and energize our mind and thoughts,
We walk with a world in us,
Carrying millions of earth,
We forget to remember we are humans,
Look at the world around you,
Smile at ease with heart and peace,
Nod the fellow human passing by,
We never die, neither the atoms within us,
Every human has the respect,
The respect we forget to offer.


God doesn’t care


Matters not which path,

You follow on the earth.

-He has two destinations, hell or heaven.

We have rules for..


Dear Earthians ,send the airships,

With the Martian visa,

-Excuse if not, The Martians!

On the way to God’s…


Started from somewhere,

Took a body to get the path,

-Taking a nap on the earth!

The Supreme Judge


Be simple and humble,

Let him decide if you deserve,

-Kneel down and say ‘Lord’.

I know myself

I stand in front of the mirror,

It shows my real me,

-I found myself who I am.

Saint or Friend


Know yourself to be a saint,

Let him know your –self,

– To be your best friend!

Fighting for?


We born naked

Will go with bare body

-Fighting for what?

Bird’s nest


Poor dad,

Planning to build a house.

-Within the span of his life.

Theoretical life

I spent the life,

Reading the holy books,

-No time to follow anything!