What are the best love stories that made you cry?

We all are having time a time that we cross someone who scintillates for a moment. We don’t stop it there but sometimes we get into a relationship that ends with a love. But, alas! God has a different plan and makes us go weird of our minds and we make fights and fights for days. We grow possessiveness as much as we can and one fine day, we tend to say good bye to each other…or something might be a reason to break up the bond….and do you have any such story to share and make us cry? why not ? go on..

39 thoughts on “What are the best love stories that made you cry?

      1. I see…Okok..there are many swathis..mostly north indian chicks…athan I was little confused…just today I came to check wp…after long time…we even mailed at times right…college thaane…innuma padikire?


  1. I am not sure if I can say as a Love Story. But, I can say that “You’re the password to my life” by “Sudeep Nagarkar” is a book that made me change the perception towards life. And, I think, you can give it a try as well.


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