It is with great pride and amazement that I’m the one to announce that Pencliff blog has 1000+ wordpress followers now. I remember when Pencliff only had 100+ followers, and I’m amazed at how far we’ve gotten since then. We have grown so much and so has our reader-base. Thank you for all 2300+ comments! We […]

via 1000+ Pencliff Followers!!! — Pencliff

66 thoughts on “1000+ Pencliff Followers!!! — Pencliff

      1. I will just get to know some new words by reading other blog post…i will use the words that i had learn in my essays

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  1. I had read all your answers…all the answers are interesting in nice.

    The award question was like this….i asked u that , did u received any blogging awards for your blog post.
    But overall your answers are amazing.

    Ennakku tamil peesa pidikum.if i start to type in Tamil, i m affraid that u might not understand the way i spell and write in tamil. That’s the, unggala santhittatarku enakku migavum makilchiyaa erukkuthu tozha😊

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