Be the Phoenix


Fly like a phoenix,
Bloom like a Sunflower,
Be the best Sun-Lover.

Never give up trying,
No more end of your loving,
Tilt the head like a sunflower,
Perish into ash like phoenix,
Resurrect to love again the Sun.

39 thoughts on “Be the Phoenix

      1. I’m afraid even Mr Google won’t be able to translate that😱 That’s a hella task😂 The 5 paisa sounds something monetary tho…that’s the only thing I could guess so far😂 Nandri🙌

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    1. oh wow..I guessed it..You are from Mauritius.. second strike in blogging world to me 😛 this is why you could not yet understand what I meant.. Don’t even you watch subtitled tamil movie?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Cos It’s a long story.. and yea I have best pals there… Even trid learning French.. Mercii.. comment ce Va? 😛 so you are a Tamil but cant speak tamil 🙂 How smart me yaa

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha that’s okay😂
        But we can teach each other a thing or two🙌
        To écrire mari bien(in Creole) which literally translates into ‘you write really well’ in English.😊


      2. Oh I see…teach me french cos I learnt for sometime haha.Creole oh nooo…too difficult for me…they tried and got tired haha…Epdi irukinga= how are you in tamil

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