Even the love is fake in this world!

We often say the money is not life and we must stop running behind the money, but dear friends is the love and peace are enough true in this world?

We suppose you stopped earning the money and you have left with an empty wallet to help your girlfriend and she must not be holding the hand for long.

And the love is not fair enough to justify her that you have more than this universe.She will not be convinced that you have millions of stars than millions of bucks in pocket. After all you need the same love as the millions of bucks like millions stars in the sky.

Ok, let us assume you are lost all your sense and have much of your health going down everyday.Your way of connecting to her stopped for few days and she is happy without you. Those words she spoke to you and promises will not remind her that still there is love. Because when one goes through an unfortunate time, the other person cease to love you anymore. This is common for both parties.

So love is not enough and you need money too!!! Chase the money and then chase the love…
Love without money and life, is like planting trees in a desert!!
There is no true in this world but there is true money that give you everything!!

12 thoughts on “Even the love is fake in this world!

  1. See, there is one concept of earning and there is this other thing of competition. To survive in this world, we must earn but then the race or the competition whatever you call, makes us a greedy soul which just thinks one way. Competition makes us go bizarre and we thing of just making money over and over again and in the meantime forget other aspects of life and just focus on ‘being filthy rich’


      1. Yup most of us.. Love hurts and gives as much as pain as heart attack.. But in case of fake i wouldn’t agree… it might differ from people to people..

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      2. here I believe money can be more better than love..because money is in your hand and you can spend it when need it..but love..when u are have unfortunate time it goes from you to someone else haha..i think you got it my friend..


      3. I am sorry to disagree becoz of the perspective..
        I believe love remains no matter how much pain it causes.. money is the thing that passes from one to another..

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  2. Now that’s an interesting take. Well, love as we read about it in books, or the cinemas we see is dreamy! May be reality is quite different. There is always the tiny star of conditional rules. May be our lives have become too mechanical, spoilt for choices that the pure feelings go for a toss.

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