She is my coat

The winter sprinkles the snow flakes,
upon my head and glides to the floor,
I cherish the lily petals from the sky,
Like I am welcomed to the party.

I walk towards a warm room to wrap me,
In a fire blanket upon my chest,
As she stood by the door, I feel,
Her glance turned me on heat.

I chase her like the water extinguisher,
To soothe my body and soul,
as we fall upon the floor and cuddle,
We lay as a intertwined fire and snow,
As I enter her core,
She doused the heart and manliness.

55 thoughts on “She is my coat

      1. Haha…kandupidichiya Meera kannu? Magizhchi AP yude blog le ungla paathudile. Slang modhal kondu ghavini kra pole Meera kutty… Romba santhosham da ungle inge paathae. Take care dear…

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      2. Here Medium means a platform for us to connect with each other no other meaning was meant… u r a suoer senior to all of us in blogging world.. .we are the juniors….Salutation semior ji☺☺..

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