Soul Mates – Part IV:The Psychologist’s View

Hello Friends,

Here is the version IV of my soul mate – search report. This report doesn’t give any surprises to me as I had in the last report.

This time I am analysing the soul mates, how the psychologists define the soul mates based on their research.

Considering Aristophanes theory ,he is not a psychologist (he was a playwright and director), each soul has an exact other soul on the earth.

Psychologists claim that well educated people do not typically believe in the concept of the soul mate. People like to favour a well-suited partner rather than soul mate.

The Siemens Festival Nights conducted a survey with 2000 people and found that,

  • One in seven believed to be not with their love.
  • An average person has fallen head over heels in love just twice in their life and has been left heartbroken once.
  • An unfortunate one in 20 adults has been heartbroken more than 5 times in their life.
  • For about 60% of the people in the interview said they took more than 10 weeks to know that they are in love.
  • Women are tending to fall in love more than men.
  • Nearly 75% of the people in the poll say that the love changes when they get older

The soul mate is not a real person rather it is assumed to exist within our imagination. And many of the people have had to learn that their search for a soul mate drew them into unsatisfying and dysfunctional relationships.

Dr. Ted Hudson of the University of Texas, ran a longitudinal study of couples who had been married for years and in his research he found out something quite surprising.

Dr. Ted Hudson explains, “My research shows that there is no difference in the objective compatibility between those couples who are unhappy and those who are happy”.

Dr. Ted Hudson went on to say that couples who were feeling happy said that compatibility wasn’t an issue for them. In fact, they were perfectly ok saying that it was them who made the relationship work not the compatibility. But unhappy people went on to say that compatibility is extremely important in their relationship and they dint feel compatible with their significant one.

This study doesn’t give me any interesting facts to me except the repeated survey of psychologists. So I can conclude that there is no such person like soulmate, who just exists only on the imagination.

My own survey from my blog, I have the below result.



25 thoughts on “Soul Mates – Part IV:The Psychologist’s View

    1. It’s like, you believe in soulmate? yes/no… some people even don’t think of such concept, they dont want to choose either yes/no


      1. So there are also people who don’t believe in soul mates, but believe in the existence of concept of it?

        To me, if people don’t believe in soul mates, they don’t believe in the concept of it either.

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      2. The right answer is:
        1. People who believe in the soul, and who also in believe in soul mates (he/she believes his/her own soul has a similar soul on the earth, and consider it’s eternal one).
        2. People who think there is a temporary soul/life and they just enjoy with any soul/person ( they believe , they can love any no of persons on the earth as long as they are peaceful with them, a temporary life/soul, no belief in soul mates).
        3. People who believe ( there is no concept of eternal or temporary soul) – this is Buddhism.

        Hope you understand this!

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    1. oh, that’s great, but after doing such long project myself, I found there is nothing like that by nature but we can find a close one 🙂 did u vote in the poll? 🙂 may be you are in 88% 🙂


  1. “Dr. Ted Hudson went on to say that couples who were feeling happy said that compatibility wasn’t an issue for them. In fact, they were perfectly ok saying that it was them who made the relationship work not the compatibility.”
    Those are the people who never met their soulmate. 😉
    Oh boy when they do!

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    1. 🙂 what is that conversation? I would be interested to know it…by the way after doing such research myself based on various paths, I can conclude only our soul is eternal, God doesn’t create one more similar to me 🙂

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      1. well i was going to ask him,exactly what he asked me,if he remembers…i’m still awake from wednesday.but it was something about did i think there was only one person for everyone & i said yes & i didn’t know everyone else didn’t think that…but he said that was very interesting.. he was my boyfriend for 4 years, at the time…that just made me think he didn’t. he was older…i just mean i am going to say i guess you don’t think that now & tell him it’s b/c he went to in N.Y there’s no yeshive in s.c.

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      2. 🙂 this is the same person, who did not know what an air filter was ,in his condo, when i asked didn’t you ever see your mother & father change one & he said i didn’t know what i was talking about, until we went to the store & i showed him… & now he has asthma.


      3. yes, if i hadn’t caught the flu, after he lived there 2 years & i said when was the last time you changed the filter….. i’m sure he thinks he caught asthma from me..he called my dr & asked if he could catch CFIDS & they said 99.9% no….i’m starting to rethink telling him, he is highly educated. 🙂

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  2. Yes! U r right in one way, we leave behind our mortal body …..and our soul passes on to eternity or an eternal life. …I don’t believe in another birth. But one thing is sure our soul has higher purposes than we ever possibly can think of .. .

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    1. yes..there is another concept that we are not one fact we are two.. one is physical body another one in invisible body/energy that roams around the and connected always to the physical body..when we have a pain or something our physical doesn’t feel anything but the invisible body feels it… so by inducing with some chemicals to separate the invisible body from real one for sometime can make a particular part painless… u see anesthetics ?


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