Soul Mates – Part II: A Mythological Approach

Hindu Mythology

In Hindu mythology there are hundreds of soul mate stories narrated indirectly. Hindu gods are explained to have a best half of them.

For example,  Rama and  Sita, Lord Shiva and Parvathi and many more other gods. When the other part (the Goddess ) is not with them, the male Gods cease to function.

At many occasions, as told by our ancestors, the stories we heard at our childhood gives much more clarification of this topic.

God, he himself manifest or incarnate in any form on the earth to revive the righteousness or enlighten the Kings or Sages. He can incarnate as a baby, as a kid, as a man, as a king, as a saint, as a woman, as an animal. So we can conclude that soul in any form can be of a soul mate and it helps to revive or achieve your destiny.

Chinese /Japanese Mythology

There is a concept of  red string of fate in Chinese mythology which states that the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.

In Japanese mythology the it is believed to be tied around the little finger.

According to Chinese myth, the god in charge of this ‘red string of fate’ is Yue Xia Lao often abbreviated to Yue Lao, the old lunar matchmaker god, who is in charge of marriages.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.

Greek Mythology

According to Aristophanes theory : humans originally were created with four arms ,four legs and a single head with two faces. There were three genders of man, woman and the androgyny. Each with two sets of genitals with the androgyny having both male and female genitalia. The men were the children of the sun, the women were the children of the earth and the androgynies were the children of the moon who were born of the sun and earth. It’s said that gods were afraid of human’s strength that they will be conquered by them, so they decided to destroy them with lightning.

So Zeus found a solution by splitting humans in half as punishment and doubled the no of humans and hence increased the tributes to god.

Egyptian Mythology

A very interesting part of the soul mate analysis, I have found something which would be worth to share here.

In Egyptian mythology a single person’s soul constituted with many parts. There were mainly 8 immortal  parts of the soul and the body was considered to be mortal part, thus in total they attributed the soul with 9 parts. This is why they preserved the bodies (mummy) to enjoy the life after of death.

Since they had  8 immortal components of the soul, they considered the life after death is more enjoyable and better than the human body, a mortal soul.

The main immortal components of the human soul

Ka  (a pair of upraised arms)

  • Can wander about at will.
  • Is independent of the man and can dwell in any statue etc of him.
  • Can eat and drink. Great care would be taken to ensure clean food and drink.
  • Partakes of funerary offerings;

Ba  (a human-headed bird) – the “soul”.

  • Assumed to be in a material or immaterial form at its will.
  • It can also return to the tomb and partake of the funerary offerings.
  • Seen bringing air and food down to the body.
  • Can visit the body at will.

Ab – (a vessel with ears as handles) – the “heart”

  • The source of good and bad thoughts;
  • The moral awareness of right and wrong.
  • Can move freely, and separate or unite with the body, and also enjoy life with the gods in heaven.

Khaibit – (a fan; an object which intercepts the light) – the “shadow”

  • Like the Ka and Ba it partakes of funerary offerings;
  • Aable to detach from the body, with the power of going wherever it might.

Akh,khu,or akhu(the ibis or phoenix) – the “spirit”

  • the radiant and shining being that lived on in the Sahu
  • the transfigured dead which ascends to heaven and dwells among the gods

Sekhem – the power or form

The incorporeal personification of the vital force of a man, dwelling in heaven among the Khus.

Ren – the “name”, which exists in heaven.

Vital to a man on his journey through life and to the afterlife.

Sahu – (a mummy and a seal) – the “spiritual body”; –

a spiritual body , appearing from physical body, that can dwell on the heavens after the judgment is passed.

From the study it’s clear that Egyptian mythology had ruled out the concept of soul mate where our own soul has many parts itself.

Mayan Mythology

According to the Mayan mythology soul believe to have many parts same as like Egyptians. Those are defined such as ‘shadow’, ‘breath’, ‘blood’, and ‘bone’. The loss of one or more soul results in specific disease. Also they believed that there is a link between the human soul (mainly men) and the stars, lightening and thus it protecting him. So less known about the soul mate in Mayan mythology.

The summary of this analysis is most of the world’s mythologies believed in the souls and some of them believed in the soul mates.

In Hindu mythology :

Soul can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it changes from one body to another upon the death. This looks same as the “Law of Conservation of Energy” in Physics. Soul mate doesn’t need to be a life partner.

In Chinese /Japanese mythology:

There is a defined soul mate for each soul and they are united by marriage.

In Egyptian mythology:

No information about the soul mates, because the single person himself comprised with many souls.

In Greek mythology:

Soul mates do exist and they are destined to meet each other by marriage.

In Mayan mythology:

No concept of soul mate or no information to define a soul mate. This is same as Egyptian mythology soul with different parts.

I am happy to share such good information with you all as a part of my soul mate research. Part III of this analysis will be posted soon and wait for the more interesting facts about the soul mates.

Thanks for reading and comments. Please do post if I have left out any other information on this topic.

42 thoughts on “Soul Mates – Part II: A Mythological Approach

    1. Thank you Dilip, and I am planning to post 3 more different research reports..I hope it would be more interesting ..thanks for the support

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    1. Thanks Somali Chakrabarti. I read some of his books but not this book, I love his books. I will read it surely. And thanks for the comment. Surely I will publish some more interesting stuff here, thanks

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    1. Yes, most of them had the same idea! I’m happy to share. You can read other two parts on this topic 🙂 I’m happy to write few more parts and will be posted soon.

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  1. In Hinduism:
    In the case of Karthikeya (Muruga), his two wives Valli and Devasena (Deivanai),

    Ganesha, in some places, is supposed to be married to Siddhi (various powers), Buddhi (intelligence) and Riddhi (wealth) – again symbolic,

    Krishna is the 9th incarnation of vishnu. Although he had sixteen thousand and eight wives, Krishna did not let other women go free. Once, when he saw some Gopi women bathing in the river, Krishna carried away their clothes from the bank of the river, and got on a nearby tree to feast his eyes on the Gopi women bathing in the nude. He returned their dresses only after each of them came out of the water and worshipped him so that he could see their nude bodies in full. It is claimed that Krishna was so potent that he could satisfy all his 16008 wives at the same time 😮

    Shiva had two wives-Ganga and Parwati. It was while Shiva was frolicking and making love with Parwati in the forest in the form of elephants that Ganapati, the god with the head of an elephant was born. On another occasion when Shiva was frolicking with Parwati in the form of a monkey, Hanuman the monkey god was born.
    Once when Parwati was away, Shiva had sexual inter course with a woman called Madhura, who came to Kailas to worship him. On her return, Parwati saw her husband Shiva making love with Madhura, and she became a frog. When the period of the curse was over after twelve years, the frog took the form of Mandodari who became the wife of Ravana, the ten-headed king of Lanka. The sperm of Shiva which remained dormant in the womb of Mandodari when the was frog began to develop, and finally gave birth to Indrajit. Thus, the so-called son of Ravana-Indrajit of Lanka-was an intelligence son of Shiva.

    So many soul mate 😀

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    1. Soul mate is not one for Sexual pleasure, you read the full report. I was ignorant of this topic before, but I did really an extensive work and found, so many truths,..
      About the love making you explained here, I never ever had intercourse or sex or whatsoever in mind to explore this title, so I’m least bothered of sex.
      About Krishna, I’m an ordinant follower of Krishna.. I will shed tears.. When I’m think of his name.. Such stupid I’m.. But I never heard of him enjoying the nudity to such extend. I will read on it…

      About all other love making explained, I don’t give a damn on them lol.
      Because they might not be true or just mythology..
      And thanks for reading and commenting.. Hope you won’t be surprised on this topic still what’s wrong in giving a shit on them lol..

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      1. I have defined it also, I did read a lot of research papers too.. So I’m pleased to say that yea, this is a good topic to discuss. Soulmate is not a lover haha

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      2. Exactly! 😀
        Soul mate is not a lover!
        Btw, I hope you’re not offended because of God’s topic specially -Lord Krishna.
        I am an atheist, i don’t believe in god, religion, devils, I don’t believe in anything supernatural,Since I don’t believe in souls, I don’t believe in soul mates. In fact, I find the whole notion of there being one “special someone” for each of us to be exceedingly silly.

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      3. Ooh that’s well, I’m also an atheist too😀😀i won’t be offended by anything..
        But how come I’m a follower of Krishna? He is my soulmate… Who inspires me always… This is very complex to understand cos you need to understand me what I’m
        Being in love, relationship and all a materialistic thing, so I never mind it😀😀😀
        I don’t go temple or anywhere but.. It’s weird to explain and not so important now😁
        Atleast for fun you may like these posts..
        I have met many people in WordPress cos I’m here last 5 years.. I was away for a while and lost my old blog.. That’s good I missed some people..

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    2. Haha.I am reading the comment now after many years and I feel, Oh this is why Indian ministers have many wives..when they are away they make love with them and caught with scandals haha 😛 Like what Shiva did..some one came to worship him ( as Tamilnadu ministers kept a girl as sex slave when she came for a help) and make love.. such is the part of indian history 😛


    1. The whole world is a little piece of shit, right? Ha-ha.. Everyone is mad on this soul.. Omg what the hell on this earth going on.. 😀😀😀

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  2. Thats a v vast and unique topic u chose to write on…and u have done a good job in detailing the concept according to different beliefs…although I don’t know much about soul and the deep concepts related but have heard that each soul is on its own journey to meet the Supreme Soul…
    Thank u for sharing this post👍🏻🙏🏼

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