Soul Mates – Part I: A Logical Analysis

Recently I read many articles in blogs and social forums about the soul mates. I was using the term just as everyone and when I recently met some nice friends I felt if I have found my soul mate. Then I came up with the questions and I was really confused if I am wrong and started to google out to find some thoughts about the soul mates.

  • Does this concept of soul mates logical? Rational?
  • Can we believe that this logic exists?
  • Where to and How to find my soul mate?
  • How can we test a best friend if she/ he is my soul mate?
  • Do my soul mate born on the same date I born? or she/he born after I born?
  • Do we have same age? Same Date of birth?
  • How many soul mates I can have? Is only one?
  • When the soul mates find each other, Are they become one?

I have come up with below points to believe that there is a chance to exist the idea of soul mates.

Reason 1: Personal Experience

  • I know a person who had the behaviour of not allowing anyone to call him as stupid, idiot, fool, etc.
  • He never allowed any girl to talk to him.
  • He never go out with a girl and he never allow them to get into his space.
  • He is not an antifeminist or gay either.
  • He never broke down on any circumstances.
  • But suddenly he was attracted to a girl, he talks for long, he go out to see her , he waits for her for hours, he let her call me stupid, he let her call him idiot etc.
  • He cries for her if he don’t hear from her.
  • He says she is the one who can turn him into anything.

What does this mean? Really soul mates exist? I got my first point of 10% to believe in this idea.

Reason 2: What Psychologists say?

  • Communication between two soul mates without speaking to each other
    • They may finish other’s sentence without speaking to each other
    • They may have the same dream on the same time
    • They do activities at the same time without being communicated to each other
    • A sense or recognition of the person whom you never met

You suddenly feel that you have met this person some time ago, or you feel something connected to each other

  • Physical touch

You feel something that  takes you for the years and makes a feeling a fond of love, that creates a momentary change in you and that makes you feel both connected in some ways.

  •  Comfortable in all the ways
    • You both are in comfortable in any circumstances
    • You both see the same world through two eyes
    • You both perceive the same idea with two minds
    • You both think of same solution for the same issue

……..the list goes on.

I may be writing more on this topic in future and still my research is not completed.

Basically this is my idea and what I learnt about Soul mates.

Friends, I will be delighted to know more from your comments.

47 thoughts on “Soul Mates – Part I: A Logical Analysis

  1. I’ve never been able to believe in the concept of soul mates when it means to complete each other. I think it’s the life task of each person to complete themselves. I do believe that two souls can be magnetically drawn together to fulfill each other’s life’s purpose (destiny). In that way, I can understand the concept of soul mate.

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    1. Wow very interesting idea. I can include your views on my next part to get more information on this topic. Thanks for your comments.
      As per your comments, any two souls can me matched each other. This just baffle me.:-)

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  2. Soul mate’s…. For me… They seems like they are so near, yet in reality they are far…
    It’s not about the connection nor feelings… It’s about understanding. How well you understand other, how well you respect other, how well you treat other… That’s what you make soul mate’s.

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    1. That’s so nice Nimmi. Thanks for the comment. So this means more of love right? You don’t mean the souk mate… Love and soul mate are not different?

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      1. Love is the foundation of any relationship on this earth. If you are talking about Soul mate’s, then without love, they are too incomplete. Yes, indeed, Soul mate’s and Lover are different, however, Lovers can be soul mate’s.


      2. Haha..Little confusing though, Love and Soul mate are not two different things and we don’t need to separate them out. Unless there is a love, the concept of soul mate will be nullified. So, soul mates do have love themselves but what kinda relationship decides the level of love between them. I am not yet to come to a conclusion of this soul mates but from my understanding I do understand that there is relationship which causes the soul mates to remember and a certain level of cutting point ( the moment they meet each other..) I am not a scientist but I do some analysis on this. Planning to do a vast research on this. You can also support in this project. If you want I can start as a project and you will be part of it 🙂

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  3. A soul mate is really the person who does life with another person the longest. They’ve come to love and respect the person they’ve watched, witnessed, and experienced life with all these years. Hence, they become the biggest fan of the other.
    I’m a firm believer that soul mates aren’t found, they’re made. Most people can choose any number of folks to live their lives beside, but the one who goes it the longest wins the “prize” of being called a soul mate. Love at first sight is really just infatuation mixed with personal expectation. And if that expectation is met on some level, then the person can say LATER how much it was love at first sight. You’d never hear a failed infatuation being called “love at first sight” if the courtship wound up sour. I’m not trying to be unromantic, it’s just the truth. Thanks for posting.

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    1. It’s very interesting to know your idea. Finally you believe in soul mate , this is what I have understood. It might not be at first sight though, at long years. I agree with your points.

      Who made the soul mates? God? So a best friend who comes along the life can be called soul mate?

      Is the sexual appeal against the other sex not a mandate for a soul mate? I believe this concept strongly.

      There is something beyond the romantic gestures to be a soul mate. Thanks for your lovely comments.

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  4. I did have to chuckle to see your left side engineer brain go into high gear to research such a topic. Very interesting. . . . I will reply after I have thought about what to say !


    1. Thanks, I am left with few more parts on this research! You would be surprised how I bring some maths in this concept! keep coming my blog!


  5. Yet to read your further research.. But I was wondering whether you came across Brida by Paulo Coelho on this research.. It might be an easier context to understand this complex concept..


  6. Legend has it that our soul mates are made in heaven. If the attitudes of somebody is hell to live with, then the ‘soulmate’ has been moulded from hell, by the sweet hands of the Devil in person. Your article is great. I believe in the thing that someone is made for you somewhere. I may sound outdated for you in this respect. Looking forward to your next piece of sensation,
    Foolchund Saahil.

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  7. Interesting read.. before few years I also did a little research on this topic.. it says you can have more than one soulmate and it is not necessary you both are tied in romantic relationship they can be friends.. family members..can’t wait to read more on this topic!!

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  8. Soulmates do is possible,if only one is willing to listen other and have mutual respect.Doesn’t necessarily involve falling in mad love etc.etc.Hey truly the topic is thought provoking and you can not get an answer that easily , since individuals have their own perception of the meaning of ‘soulmate’

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