#Metoo is really help women?

#Metoo is the word that every social media freak is talking about in India. Twitter is flooded with hell lot of stories that women were hiding for a decade I suppose. Thanks to social media revolution to open up the doors for the justice of suppressed women.

Guess , a woman asking to join you in the tea party and taking you in her car, and intoxicating you and raping till your penis bleed like hell, and leaving a word not to open up your mouth about it?

Or Guess a woman manager calling you in her cabin and unzipping her pants to asking you to please her to the hell and if you are about to spread a word about it, you might end up loos the job.

Dear men, will you be able to survive of this soul wreathing stories?. But women were hiding this and lived a horrible life about men. And had been warned not to speak up for the centuries.Now the back doors also closed for the filthy men.

Power and money has suppressed and made many women as whores and sluts on their eyes. Let us stand with them and raise our voices too. We should bring up them and give a justice to remember.

10 thoughts on “#Metoo is really help women?

  1. A powerful post in the current scenario. …justice should be done and if found guilty.. ..offenders shld be punished too….but hope the #Metoo is not taken advantage of too just to satisfy certain vengeance by both men and women. There are some guys coming up too claiming sexual assault by the same gender people as favours asked instead of meaty roles. So clear investigation shld be done before any judgment is passed either by the public and by the judiciary.

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  2. This movement can power women to lead forward. There will no need for them to tolerate such havok anymore. Now they can do bigger and reach great height. #MeToo can empower women

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