What makes you to read a post?

We see thousands of blogs and millions of posts, and we really feel hard to select which blog to follow and which post on that to read. We at times simply like post reading a few lines of the post..but we all have different things that make us read a post..

share your thoughts what really makes you read a post?

34 thoughts on “What makes you to read a post?

    1. Few of them really write poem..others write sometihing like..blabbering..really could not understand..I love my posts which has many commetns..im happy to have at least one comment per post..

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  1. Great question,but can not get a single answer. Whole thing depends on one’s mood ,area of mutual interest and thoughts,may be some times topics of general interest.My feeling is the topic should be thought provoking and make the reader participate in the debate .Simply liking a post or using words like excellent/lovely/great/superb etc won’t encourage the writer please share your thoughts too.

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  2. the eye catching title and mostly the one which I gotta see first. These are my reasons and even if a blogger friend of mine had posted something then it’s just a have to read types..😁

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  3. There are many reasons why we read a post and like a post. Here like in the sense the”Like”, comment etc.
    1. They follow us and likes our post most of the time, so we respond back. These are mostly blind likes, sometimes you read their post, sometimes you don’t, but still click on the like button.
    2. You found their post to your taste of liking so you like the post and stops to comment too.
    3. In some cases you like that person so you like their post.
    4. Some headings or title attracts your attention and you land up liking the post after reading.
    5. You really liked what they wrote and you could relate to it and that satisfied your inner soul and your quest of searching something worthwhile to read was really satisfied.
    This is my take on why someone reads your post and like it too. May be yours vary…

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  4. That happens to me every time when I scroll down my readers page..
    But What I do is look for headings that makes me open it..
    Second there are interests like I like short contents and inspirational quotes, foods and poems that are mostly posted by bloggers who have been regular.

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  5. To me,
    * its how much emotions the poem convey even if it is a one liner
    * usage of words and formation of the lines in a different but beautiful and easily understandable way

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  6. I don’t have time to read pointless blogs – pointless to me. Some blogs are like diaries or pictures of animals or such. If I read a blog post once – in response to either them reading mine or seeing something random. I won’t leave a like if I didn’t like it, even if they followed me. I don’t believe in a like for a like. I also don’t like when people do that to me. I don’t leave comments that don’t address the post, like – great, thanks, I like your blog or anything that superficially build stats with no comment type comments. I read posts of people I think I can relate to or learn from. I might visit a blog several times before I comment. Half the blogs I’ve liked these past years aren’t even functioning anymore, so I often leave very new blogs alone if they don’t seem to have any focused writing except to talk about themselves. I have 3 blogs, 2 newsletters, 3 websites, I’m writing a book, music composer, 4 fb pages and other social media – so I look for good content not just someone to like me back. That might be a little more answer than you wanted. 🙂


    1. Ok, this comment is more than what I expected and seems to be a straightforward and open statement. I like the way you narrated how you choose a blog to follow and read them rather visiting them regularly. Forme most of the blogs are like personal diaries either they write for someone on the other planet or themselves and never mind what the user will get in return. I also some times skip the blog. Also who had know about page makes me feel big NO.


  7. People who are fair, open minded and considerate will always get my attention. Also, I read the blogs I’ve subscribed to as well as the blogs bloggers who support me and my work. I tend to read their posts as a priority. I want to learn new things or have fun experiences vicariously.

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      1. It has been four years. Thank you. I signed into WordPress yesterday and got a notification. Glad to see that all is well. Good luck with your writing group. I have a friend at a University of Dehli writing group who would love to join you. Should I get you two in touch? xoxo

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