What do you like about India?


Hey friends, first of all a Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends.

And I would like to request all of you who follow my blog, share me a unique feature that you like in India.. I expect you have more to share at least share one thing that fascinates you.

27 thoughts on “What do you like about India?

  1. It’s my country. So, obviously I love everything about it. But, talking of one.. I love it’s varied culture and cuisine. ❤️❤️

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      1. Yeah.. they are being spammed. The moment I click the send button, it vanishes. 😑😑 I hope it will soon get alright.

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      2. may be report to support team…they will help u..might be some people reported ur comment as spam and the algorithm might work that way considering your future comments as spams… wrodpress.com/support and reach them

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  2. Telling about INDIA in short is very difficult cause i think sometimes words will end but the description will never stop if once anyone started talking about INDIA. From INDIA’S history to its present day lifestyle is just awesome that you can get a varity of people in single country, who respect each others rituals and traditions. This is what all about HUMANITY i like the most in INDIA. cause I LOVE MY INDIA🇮🇳😊

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    1. sorry my friend , still those are there who call us Madarasi when we outside and still who talks in Hindi in the group though we all Indians and we have common ‘english’.. but when someone poke at India, we all roar Jai hindi


  3. Well the culture and festivals where all Indians take part in unity . The power which Indians have of being United even though we are so diverse is beautiful. And the connection of nature with this land and the people is amazing. The nature in this land blooms like all the rays of the sun shine here.

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  4. I’ll tell you when I have been. It’s somewhere that has fascinated me for a long time, a lot of people I follow and follow me are in India and it seems so magical, but when I visit I want to go for at least a month and travel, not Hilton Marriott etc but see the real India. So that is going to in the future when I have the time 😀 Thank you for the follow I love your words 😀😀

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