Lost love is what I have

Never knew you would crush my heart,
Like the sands that my hands hold,
To mold into an unbreakable stories,
Our adolescent crush in memories.

I long those days of your glance,
Pierced my heart and split me into two,
Dear angel, know not thy whereabouts,
But your beats are with me ever.

Send me a wish from the place you live,
I will remember the days we shared the gaze,
the School days are – to remember,
For the love we learned together.

21 thoughts on “Lost love is what I have

  1. Your poem is really well written and full of hints at what we shared with some one close in school. Those days still hold me spell bound in love with more than one young lady. I hope you keep writing such amazing poems !!

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      1. I am at home resting and trying to heal up from that experience. I still go for 3 a day IV antibiotic treatments at the hospital here until August 23. From 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM each day. I am also working on catching up on my e-mail in box. Impossible task over 7 244 items left. Have an amazing Friday !!

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      2. Oh my friend , I pray for you!! no matter about those inbox items just take care of you and rest as much as you can, and relax!!! you have a happy Friday and great weekend ahead!!

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  2. The good old memories, isn’t it? First crush, firsr heartbeat for a glance, first stolen looks, nothing leaves the heart. The good old innocent school days always remain etched in the memory. Great reflections and superb rendition AP๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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