A girl’s wish

I want you to touch me;
Like the feathers caressing silk.

I want you to kiss me;
Like the classic dove kiss.

I want you to stay with me;
Like the Sun and the Earth.

I want you to smile at me;
Like the moon on the sky.

I want you to hug me;
Like the new born baby.

I want you to look at me;
Like the mirror on the wall.

39 thoughts on “A girl’s wish

    1. Thank you so much and yea simple language reaches many people.. I got this idea from a very popular and best selling Author ever!! for all his books I need not a dictionary to read them…but his books are favorite of many

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  1. Who is that author? I will appreciate him easily ? As i like simple language everywhere .Visit my site pranitadeshpande.in for simple but valuable blogs & buy my book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” on amazon.com , if you will like it then give review to it.

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