A review of the blog the Zinormous Canvas

I am extremely happy to introduce my blogger friend Ria thru her blog “The Zionormous Canvas”. She is a lovely human being, a painter and a poetess! And most importantly she is a Potterhead girl πŸ™‚

She writes about mostly on the topic of life & relationship. As said she publishes her own sketches and an amazing painter. Not limited to these hobbies but she clicks the nature as and when she starts gazing with her camera.

I would recommend you guys to give a visit to her blogΒ https://thezinormouscanvas.wordpress.com/.

She has the potential of writing in any topic and will expect more on life,love,relationships, friendship, and nature..

I would like to give 4.5/5 as my rating to her blog!!


Happy blogging Ria.

14 thoughts on “A review of the blog the Zinormous Canvas

    1. You are wc and pleasure is mine dear,,, I expect more poems and sketches from you from various title… I would love if you can draw sketches showing poverty and climate changes or even love, breakups, sketches speak more than words , right?


      1. Yeah! Right.. Man! thank you so much. I wasn’t seriously getting what to do. Thanks a lot for helping me to get out of the mess.. thanks a lot πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

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      2. Actually I wasn’t getting the topics to work on. There are so many and it’s very hard to make a choice.. your suggestion helped me to get a way out and construct a path

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      3. yes, really I wanted to paint with pencil and I do but I am scared to share here… I am not great like u…but the painting speaks a lot than my words…with just one look u can convey msg na?


      4. I mean the message you want to convey thru a poem can be expressed in a sketch.. and it will make more sense to the readers πŸ™‚


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