Why don’t I get more readers or likes? #3

Have you ever seen a blog with rich content of information been overlooked?. There are many blogs…
As I mentioned in the last post I would like to mention few more things which will help some of you during the course of my blogging

#6 Don’t write something that depress others

Yes, never try to post something which will make others depressed more. Writing your story is fine, but it try to keep it safe of affecting other happiness.

#7 Select a perfect theme for the blog 

The apprearance of the blog also gives a plenty of happiness for the reader to stay long. So keep it simple and elegant , try not to make the user click and scroll often. 🙂

#8 Identify like minded people

Identify your readers and often go over their blog and give them some sigh and leave comments.Bookmark their sites!!!

#9 Comment on others work rather a like

Liking the post is a good choice but writing your comments as we do in Facebook for a photo, will make the writer to keep living in his dreams. So when you like the post say something in a word.

will continue to share…….

54 thoughts on “Why don’t I get more readers or likes? #3

  1. Buddy one small advice. The only profession in the world you can basically talk about anything is tgrough science or literature. Why are you limiting yourself to be liked or followed by others. Every one has there own style. Work on it, build on it. Remember great wall of china was not built in one day. You content is great. I am sure others will love it as I do 😊😊😊😊


      1. I got that impression when some of your tips were to write about to get attention to like minded,not about depression ect. Thats all

        Liked by 1 person

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