Serendipity of love,
Doesn’t wait for nod of none,
It enters with no time,
Kindles mind and soul,
Makes sleepless nights and dreams,
Ends with fights and tears.

14 thoughts on “Serendipity

    1. No you can reblog..just click on the title and you will see reblog button..this is enabled on individual post …you can’t see this button while scrolling down the page and let me know if you have issues?

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  1. Hi alienpoet. Sadly the love bug never bit me think it must have been short moments of lust! Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Like all things Paranormal! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Observing this violent crazy virtual reality society! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories/Facts! Great to meet you.#TheFoureyedPoet.

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