Carnal Knowledge Under the Moon’s Curtain

the breezing salty air,
melting the hearts,
trembling bodies of arts,
trying to make a pair,

hands and fingers are caressing,
the love waves of the sea is singing-
the melodies of your moaning.

moonlight is mounting on your body,
making shine of lovely fondling,
behind a silver screen of nature,
we stand, tug and hug each other,

as long as the night is on guard,
we are making love of fervour,
let the moon shed her shower,
we will be wet all over-
with the drizzles of our pleasure.

15 thoughts on “Carnal Knowledge Under the Moon’s Curtain

  1. This style is beautiful. Lots of imagery and not too much detail in the description. It’s bold and tentative and very Martian. Awesome, Mr. Top 16 Indian Poetry Blog!

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  2. Sounds like a great way to spend a rainy afternoon lol. I love the sensuality and sexiness of this piece but I also love that reading it you can feel the emotion and the feeling beyond that this is not just Sex, but a couple connecting in dual forms of love. It reminds of a Keith Urban Song (country singer) “Raining On a Sunday.” One if my favorites of his early music as a solo musician 🙂

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