Tag a country you like to visit!

Tag a country that like most in comment

20 thoughts on “Tag a country you like to visit!

  1. I agree with you Alienpoet in this regard. It’s definetly our India. No other country is as varient and colourful as India. ‘Swargame endralum adhu namma ooru pole varuma’ how rightly Ilayaraja Sir sang.
    French is a beautiful language I agree, mais mon amie Saahil en India nous parlons 22 majeur langues.

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    1. A chacun son choix. I also find India mysterious and I relate culturally to it as my ancestry hails from India.But I have always been interested by France and its culture as I have always been surrounded in my childhood by French natives and tourists who have influenced my choice. Besides, I have always been inspired by French literature and the compulsory learning of the language led to a profound love of it.

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