Wanna be co-author? Editor? Writer? Guest writer?

Friends, I have just started an another blog for the like minded people who wanna to write together and grow together!

Yes! It’s gonna be like a move to bring together like minded writers and make a collaborative blogging together.

If you wish to write on this blog or be an editor of this blog, please write down your nomination below. or mail me at poetpby@outlook.comย with the following details

Name: Real/Pen name
Job: Student/Working as…
From: India.
My Blog:ย https://pencliff.wordpress.com
About Me: A student Secretary and editor, writer in local college magazine.
Role: Author.

Please follow the blog and I feel your support will make us grow !!

Blog is : https://pencliff.wordpress.com/

I welcome all of interested people from any stream to write down on this blog and enjoy the blogging.


1. You must post only your own content.
2. Don’t make any copyrighted content and this is against our policy and we will remove it if reported.
3. No nudity of pictures of any sort is entertained here.
4. Adult poems are allowed but nude pictures or videos along with the poems should be avoided.
5. There should not be any personal attack on any person,society, community, religion, country and anything violates this rule will be removed.
6. You are responsible for the content you write.
7.This is purely out of fashion and this is not a paid blogging.You write and enjoy being shared with other writers followers. SO PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY PAYING FOR WRITING HERE.

8. You can quit the blog and writing here any time if you feel not ok. We will remove all the content by you if requested.
9. Respect other writers and never make any harsh statement against other’s post.
10. Site Admin has the rights to revoke your access anytime, rights to remove your post if anything violates the rules.

Good to Remember!!

You can reproduce the same content from your own blog and give a link here to your blog to maximize the followers on your blog!!

These are the guidelines for now, and may be added later if we like to add anything.

47 thoughts on “Wanna be co-author? Editor? Writer? Guest writer?

      1. Naana? Are u sure? Read my blog, see if I fit in to your criteria of the authors u expect. And if u still are fine with it, Why not ? Yes konjam gap vandhiduchu. Konjam travelling here and there. Blog seyya koode time kadakkalai. By the way, how are you? Nallam thaan endru nambigaren.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. im kind of ok..not really very good though..happy oto see you again….i feel you are absolutely perfect to be an author in our teanm..only constraint it not to be a erotica genre…apuram enna

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling quite good. Don’t worry, everything will turn out to be alright. Edhukkum kavalai pedadhe. Better days are coming, wait and see. Erotica is not my type of genre. OK, so far how many have joined this team ? Glad to see your visit to some posts in my blog . Appuram vere enne. Appidye poyitturukku vazhkkai, koodave naanum.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. while you click write you will be asked to select eh blog.. you can either select your own blog or this community blog and write down…check and let me know if you are ok

        Liked by 1 person

      1. All I have to share is the story you may have seen on my blog… Do you think some of your readers might be interested?

        Liked by 1 person

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