Get to know me -!!

I would like to thank Ms. Swati for nominating me for the get to know me tag!!

Here are my answers :

1. Do you judge the people before meeting?

I don’t judge if they are right or wrong and the look doesn’t appeal the character if we could interact often, and that defines the personality. I do have personal experience and never experienced a surprise in meeting afresh.

2. What do you think when you see the beautiful sunset?

Oh, I even took a pic of it yesterday, I do feel that the Sun is going to take rest after a 12 hours of hardwork, or he is jumping at the west in Arabian sea to quench his thirst!!

3. If your friend is crying, what would you do?

I will not leave him/her unless until I get to know full details of the reason and giving a reason to not worry about what caused the cry. Because the cry won’t solve the problem, but we should let cry until they feel comfortable to release the agony in heart.

4. Is there any relationship between love and friendship?

Oh yea, of course there is. If friendship misses in the love, then the love would be mere lust and will not last long. I suppose both are intertwined like pain and pleasure. There should be friendship in love, but not necessarily love in friendship. Got you, what I mean?

5. Let us assume one tall banana tree. There are four animals .They are- lion,squirrel,Giraffe,chimpanzee… According to you ,which will get the banana first?

Interesting dear, I suppose lion will not long for the vegetable and will try to attack the Giraffe, and why not chimpanzee? cos, Giraffe is such a big animal will get the attention of lion easily and may the first target. So the two are obsolete from the game. and chimpanzee might try to get banana but the squirrel is such a small and fast running animal which will get away from lions fist and jump in to the tree to get the fruit first. 

6. You do not usually initiate conversation..

Agree or not? .. I do start with people when I feel they are at my frequency , and if not I feel so, I won’t care giving a damn 🙂

7. What is the most difficult thing you’ve done for your love?

Haha…time, energy, body and soul. what else does one need to sacrifice?

8. Which is your biggest regret?

Well, I suppose I should have become a Astronomer as I wanted to be rather a money making machine.

9. Who’s is your most favourite person in the world?

Hmm, well who is that? I feel it must be me, because I inherited something from parents and neglect what’s not good from them, I got something from friends/ teachers/ siblings and I never follow all of them , rather derive somthing and remove something from their deeds and I carve myself~~ so it’s me!

10. What do you think about me?

You are a blogger and a nice person so far. I do know a little about and there is lot to know about you!! May be answer these questions to know more!!



* Thank the nominator.

* Answer the “Get to know me questions”

* Nominate 5 bloggers.

* pass on the same questions( add questions if you want)

Guys, you have to answer honestly….



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