Why don’t I get more readers or likes? #1

Have you ever seen a blog with rich content of information been overlooked?. There are many blogs…
I would like to mention few things which will help some of you during the course of my blogging.

#1 Have some information to the readers

By this I mean to say, your posts should not vague of a result and mere sentences of vocabulary.

Keep is short and straight to the matter of content. I have seen an ample of blogs with just mere words of expressions, posts with no head and tail..

#2  Don’t keep more images or videos on the blog

Yes, if you keep more images or upload more images the page loading takes time, and the readers have no time to wait for the blog.

This is why most of the blogs have no likes for each post. clear off the old images and take a back up on your disk if you have enough on the blog.

The page loading differs from country to country  because of low  bandwidth. So you can’t reach or may loose few good readers.

will continue to share…….

if you want to add more or anything share in comment below..

25 thoughts on “Why don’t I get more readers or likes? #1

    1. I don’t mean your personal information.. Even you write up the daily nuisance.. It should have some purpose and at least a learning to the reader….😀

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      1. Are you saying that if I write a short story or a dream I had that I should put stuff in the body so that whoever reads it is learning something? Like history lesson or something?

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  1. [ Smiles ] Some people do not get more “Likes” and readers because they do not use the appropriate tags; for example, if a person’s blog post is about WordPress, they could use the tags “WordPress” and “Blogging”.

    By not using the appropriate tags, they miss out on the opportunity of having their blog posts in the eyes of those people who are interested in WordPress and blogging.

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    1. Yes we can use images and what if you could use 10 images per post,,and 100 posts will land up in 1000 images which make your site load slow….I too even use images but not more


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