Do you love your mother tongue?

I am sure none of you will say, you don’t like it because it’s born with you.I would like to see how many of my followers have a different language than English as their mother tongue.

Just comment below with your mother tongue with a hash tag


#நான்தமிழைநேசிக்கிறேன்  – Tamil

33 thoughts on “Do you love your mother tongue?

  1. My mother tongue is Mauritian Creole. The language evolved from the French colonisation of the island. I speak and read it though I do not express often myself in writing. Most of our people are multilingual so it varies when it comes to which languages do we know. Most of us acquire academic knowledge of French, English and Creole, including a choice one of the other languages.

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  2. My mother tongue is marathi, but im hardly connected to it at all.Im really bad at it, my passion is french, my moms is japanese, and my dads is german lol.But i still respect my mother tongue very much.Love this post!

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    1. on the read right side top corner you see your photo right? click that and click profile…then it will open a page..and left side down you see account settings? and on the right side you can change the address

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