Do you count the likes or the comments?

Do you like the comments or the likes for a post? and how do you measure if your writing has reached the intended people?

Share your thoughts in the comment.

23 thoughts on “Do you count the likes or the comments?

      1. Tbh no I really don’t mind if anyone does not like it or comment on it. In my mind, I posted what I felt, saw, thought of or anything and if no one liked it, its fine by me ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. I don’t mean anything bad…Its just that for new bloggers and fairly new bloggers some post will be liked and some not. Just like on any social medias, some will be liked and some not.

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      3. yes true…in fact I have seen bloggers whose never been liked or read though rich content..I feel it may be cos of that blogger has never read others post

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  1. I write my blogs hoping readers and bloggers drop into examine what I have provided for them and you all. Yes, at times I am impressed with the number of likes and comments. We pick up ways to improve our posts in different ways. These two do provide it

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  2. Likes are nice, like a nod, a wink, or a smile – but comments show engagement, that the post has been read. As for intended readers, I am content that I write a fairly eclectic set of posts, and to have any readers that are likewise a mix.

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      1. Agree! Whilst followers are good, judging by the number of views my posts get, either they are not appearing in the reader, or not really interesting enough for followers to be reading. Goodness! Did that make any sense at all?

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