What makes you to read a post?

Share in comment what makes you to read a post.

Does the title make you read or the favorite blogger?

16 thoughts on “What makes you to read a post?

  1. For me it’s a combination of things from title, to maybe image to maybe actual blogger. I don’t think there is any set order, or in this case the question itself, as l think that it’s an interesting question, so much so, l am going to reblog it as l think it might open some more discussion 🙂

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    1. Thank you friend and humbled for your notion of help in sharing the post on your blog!!
      i like the title, the image or the favorite blogger, and who really comments on my posts..I will not leave the blog reading anything there!

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  2. A question in the title seems to help 🙂 Think addressing people directly using second person ‘you’ in the title helps too. I am enjoying eclectic reading across wp personally though, so as well as topic or blogger, could be the intrigue of the new.

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  3. I think if a title is ‘striking’, then definitely. I am usually circumspect in titles as I only search for literary content however, I do check from time to time other posts.

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  4. I have a few people who I always try to read, but generally it is the title that hooks me. I like funny titles, or titles that convey something mysterious, a good story or a quirky poem. If it looks like it is just going to be a rant about something, I am less likely to delve deeper.
    I must admit, I struggle to give my stories and poems good titles.

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