No choice


You can try a shirt,

Before you buy.

-Love is left with no option!

17 thoughts on “No choice

      1. There should be a sign for love:

        No test drives, No returns, Cannot guarantee “Like New” condition, sold as-is, All sales are final

        (not responsible for defective, or broken merchandise, nor for damage caused by previous owners)


      2. hahha πŸ™‚ i like your comments dude! The comments are in the way I expected behind this haiku.



      3. thanks dear friend your support all the way. now I feel i have some true hearts in the world who respects others work πŸ™‚


  1. What comes to mind is this joke…

    Mother buys two shirts for her son, brings them home.
    Ask son to try them on…
    and it doesn’t matter which he puts on first because Mama says;
    “What’s the matter you didn’t like the other one?”


    1. hahaha.. atleast the shirt is has option to try out..? but in either case she will put the same question, it doesn’t matter which shirt you try first, she will ask the same question ..hahaha


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