Poverty Control Board

How to control poverty?

Control the birth?

-A mystery of God’s destination!

12 thoughts on “Poverty Control Board

  1. When valuable time is traded
    for worthless paper
    to buy necessary things
    that time used to afford us,
    one has to wonder
    if freedom was ever free


      1. the answer to poverty is to stop using money, then we all go back to living a simple life free from all the misery money has wrought.


      2. wow.. hey man you are great.. you put it right away what I meant to say indirectly and even I had the same thought like your words.. Yes money which is the cause of poverty on the earth!!


      3. The answers to life’s problems are too simple for most to understand, they crave complexity yet its simplicity that brings clarity.


  2. Hey, guys, money did not start out as paper and coin. It began as barter. It was still misused, as some people asked more chickens than was really necessary for a sack of flour, and too many cows for a bride. I think you see where I’m going. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on your side here. I, too, think if all people would “share and share alike” we would all be better off, but that would be Utopia, and we all know that”s not going to happen. And the naked truth is, as long as there is EVIL in the world, taking away money is not going to solve anything. Even though the Bible does say “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”

    I just stopped in to say :), BTW.


      1. My father, God rest, who always had something funny to say about EVERYthing, called money the long green with the short future. Well, it certainly has a short future at my house. LOL. This doesn’t really fit in with the conversation, but it just hit me, and I thought I’d throw it in for comedy’s sake….


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