Depends where you stop!

Not where you start,

It matters where you stop.

-Never get down the ladder!

12 thoughts on “Depends where you stop!

    1. I meant it matters not where are you coming from (poor or rich, intelligent or not… ), It’s you who decide to go up in the life’s ladder! 🙂 hope you got what I meant. Better I can modify the poem now!!


      1. Oh Noooo please don’t change a thing! I totally understood what you were saying, I was only adding that the reasons a person climbs are determined by where they started climbing from.


      2. Thanks 🙂 Its great comment you are making on my posts!! Thanks again 🙂


      3. Oh absolutely, it’s always a pleasure. It’s so rare I see someone who can say so much with so few words! Wise and time efficient haha!


      4. Yes you are true. Even I don’t like to read a page of poems with jargon of words, simple words are enough to express your thought. And few words can express a lot, so I like it.


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