A silent speaker


Words are lost,

I am dumb and deaf,

-Don’t stop talking!

7 thoughts on “A silent speaker

  1. This reminds me of my husband, God rest. Even though, when it mattered most, he could not listen, when we were traveling, or just having conversation, he just loved to hear me talk. Bittersweet, this…..

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    1. thank you so much.. every guy want to taste her wife’s speech like a kid.. that shows more love then being a mechanical life of sex..


      1. Thank you for that. After we married, he went into a job in the Navy that required him to have top secret clearance. Since he couldn’t talk about his work, his mind processed that in a way that left him shut off from me. He changed from the man I married. I understand that, but it was still hard having the cold man, not the warm man I married. It is good to know that he loved me more that he seemed to. I know he really loved me, but I wasn’t, well……… Thank you. I love him so much, and I miss him terribly, even after these almost 11 years. Stubbs


      2. I am so sorry..But remember love is pure and will be with you always..keep loving..i pray for you


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