She asked me to write…


A poem about her,

I wrote thousands of,

-But, She won the game!

22 thoughts on “She asked me to write…

      1. Yes this is what I meant the game 🙂 I put my poem and she put herself.. she won the game 🙂 how lovely sweet girl she is! 🙂


    1. When I completed my poem, she had nothing but herself as a poem in the game , and she won the game! 🙂


      1. haha .. very true dear very true.. yes words never die as beauty fades away!!,, i got some point to write one more poem 🙂 But love never fades away@@@


    1. 🙂 she won the game. She smiled.. that smile was a poem .. the poem i wrote lost to her 🙂


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