Mars conquered

Dear men,

Where is our independence?

-Are we enslaved by you?

9 thoughts on “Mars conquered

  1. Hi Martian Poet. I think you have the crux of it. When man does get to the stars, we will conquer and subdue, unless we find a race more, um, well, seems the word keeps just brushing the neurons, and then disappearing. But I think you know what I mean. Liked it a lot. Thanks for liking Kittens on the Keys. Great writing and good Blessings, Stubbs 🙂

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    1. thanks dude! We can conquer the universe, all the planets and all the starts but we should not name the places it as we think of,, or we should not say this is for us and this is for you.. hahah..


    1. thanks. I never post a poem as haiku or something.. I write in my own way and I dont want to bound with some rules when it comes to writing.. 🙂 haha


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