Her last words

We woke up in the morning,

She wanted a break, a long one

I stood watching her go by.

83 thoughts on “Her last words

  1. sorry i don’t know your name and thanks for the like :).
    Don’t know you actually meant brake up or death of that lover here?

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      1. haha
        ..did u read all my poems? and u feel that all is true? if u had read all of mine then u wud be confused more ahha 😛 most of them are just in dream lol.. some tried to hand…but i slipped..and i wished but never tried to hold the hand…being free is better than be jailed in love haha

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      2. I read em all…loved most if em…evry rose dies for a reason is my favourite..nd ofcourse i nderstand..most of it is ur imagination…that is what makes u so different and talented than lthers dude..;)

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      3. 😛 some poems are true…you would be clever if you can spot them 😛 you are shifting bro , man, dude and so on…hahha 😛 did u notice?

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      4. na..i just said..i dont mind it 😛 tell me which is bout true 😛 the poem
        by the in a single day u have popped up as the top commented in my blog…and this makes me to come to ur blog easily..i can see who is at top..sadly two of previous besties lost their state..i need tell them to come around here…but for anybody its quite difficult to beat u now..you are with lotta comments 😛

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      5. oh, it late really 😛 i not that old,,to be called man or feelin’ alienated hehe 😛 dude that’s how we folks talk each other..u migh be knowin frm my about page 😛 what kinda job im wrking 😛 im just little elder than u 😛 hehe
        writing a post now 😛

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      6. 🙂 don’t eat late..my personal advice..i was like that…it cuased me issues.. so im just tryin’ to be on time haha

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      7. I wud have..bt my mum told me she wud get me something from my fav restaurant..that is why i waited..or i wud have made myself ramen long ago..😉


      8. Hey really you are smart. I can cook well. Why not? I will cook for you, now I’m going for cooking my dinner 🙂

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    1. beautiful finish off , thanks to complete my feelings that i hide to write…
      sometimes i leave the readers to fill the remaining lines….and you did a good job


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