Let the sun set forever

Digital Art By mrm

Under the full moon shadow,

Cool wind with the fresh air,

Shadows on the sands,

We are walking, On the sea water,

on the moon, under the moon light,

A world, only for two of us,

The loneliness haunts into bliss,

We are stopped by our hearts,

Searching for the people,

Searching for the new life there,

We are lost ourselves.

Tell me, Do you like it?

No one here,This is our world!

36 thoughts on “Let the sun set forever

    1. Thanks Ann, you have been so kind. And I like this post myself,, I feel so happy to read again and again.. I expected a comment from you!! Thanks once again!


  1. “We are walking on the moon, on the water, on the moon light” is a fantastic line. I had to do a double take when I read it, really good. That could be a two line even. Really beautiful imagery.


    1. Thank you Chagall.. But I wont go beyond this.. 🙂 want to keep short and sweet. This poem inspiring me a lot. Whenever I read it again, I get some new feel. ” We are walking,on the moon, on the sea water, on the moonlight”.. I love myself 🙂 its shame to say but its true!


    1. So nice.. Good you liked it.. Thanks.. I still feel the moments I spent..The days on the sands of the beaches, on the full moon days. Now feeling so sad.. living within four walls of the house.. I still need to improve these lines to express it more… I like it more ..than anyone else.. Thanks


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