World Peace


Falcon fleet of fighter flights,

Missiles, machine guns marching,

Peaceful pigeons fly in between.

16 thoughts on “World Peace

    1. ? You don’t understand anything? Is it difficult? Or you mean the heads who don’t understand the peace?


      1. everybody is familiar with this word but not all can really appreciate otherwise peace would have prevailed in this world. this is what i meant.


    1. Yes, true.. I happen to see the scene in real. When the fighter jets flying and missiles marching on the earth, the leaders let fly the pigeons for peace, what a stupidity.


  1. I thought of this as the peaceful pigeons in the middle of the warrior ruling classes. The little people always are the victims! But I see your point. . . . leaders making war but pretending to be for peace ! Thought provoking. . .


    1. Wow, interesting, and happy day, you got the words what I meant , thanks for your support! I am thinking if they fly the pigeons or missiles 😦


      1. You know there is an ancient story about an ancient people who had no ruler but God who spoke through prophets and judges. But the people said, “We want a king, like all the people who live around us!” God said,”Ok, but you will be sorry!” and forever since then leaders and kings have their own selfish power hungry agenda and the people. . . Pigeons regret that decision to this day!


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