He did it in purpose,

Created many colors,

Forgot to color the blood.

10 thoughts on “Creator

      1. Thanks. I thought so. I was inspired from one of my follower’s post and wrote this.. sometimes followers inspire me a lot.. i like ur poems..going through them now. 🙂

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  1. Could you link to the blog post that inspired this? I love writing poems inspired by other people’s poems and songs I like, and I frequently share them together so people can see the connectedness between them, in case it interests others like it interests me. I can imagine it being inspired by the post I posted that you liked, about my family being the Donnelys, and my referencing being related to the family group known as the Black Donnely’s and the line in my poem that said “Dark courage through impossible odds, runs through my blood…” (Donnelly actually means “dark courage”). I am curious by nature, and love connections between creative things and people 🙂


    1. wow thats love comment from you. Surely I will link back this to that blog with the person’s permission. Wait for few hours and days may be.


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