Who is she?


Best friends forever we are,

Never fall in love as normal beings,

Love not to divide us.

6 thoughts on “Who is she?

    1. True . I am afraid now. if she gonna fall on me… Love is pain and takes life,kids and everything into it.. i dont like that..i wanna her be friend..if she reads it she will know 😛


      1. very delicate situation, but don’t be afraid, Iku… 🙂 LOVE does NOT (always) involve pain, but like any human feeling it has to be MUTUAL(both ways!) – if we want it to last… all one-way relationships “drive” into a cul-de-sac(dead end) sooner or later, but better… sooner! 🙂 if you’re not interested in a romantic relation with her, at least try to be clear, direct and sincere with her, don’t give her “fake hope(s)”… good luck and have no fear, young man! 🙂


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