How do I blog?


Hey guys,

I would like to share my experience in blogging. Very interesting facts I found on the blogs and How I got 200+ followers in just two weeks?

I never thought  of writing anything more than just poems but I really felt there is something to share and yea, I can share with you guys what I have learned in few weeks of my blogging experience.

Do you want to have many followers?

If you really want to have more followers , it matters not how much of information you have on your posts. You need to have a lenient heart about other’s posts and a mere click/ a comment about their work does the trick to make them as your followers.

Do you really write to expel your feelings or like to listen about your work?

  • If you want to just vomit your feelings , never bother who reads it. Unless you find someone who are having the same feelings, you cannot get the guys to appreciate your work. So search for the same with the keywords.
  • If you want someone to listen you,then go to the first question and read it again.Smile

Does the theme matter in getting more views?

Of course , theme plays a major role in getting more views. Find a theme which is very popular and has static pages.

Facts about the blogs I visited.

  • Their work has very interesting thoughts and information but the likes and visits are very less.
  • The blog has 100s of posts merely one or two likes on each post.
  • Posts have rich vocabulary (in fact we need  a dictionary to get the meaning for each word, I wonder how they coin all those words)
  • Some posts are really fantastic but hmm, yea nobody has liked it. A finely cooked food is waiting for someone to taste it , and the someone is unaware of the food where it is.

I am not a native English guy or a very professional writer but I just thought of sharing this. If you really like this post, just hit the reblog button.

Hey, I don’t really like this post?

I am sorry guys, if you want to dislike this post, I cannot add a dislike button. Just ignore it Smile





9 thoughts on “How do I blog?

  1. While it’s wonderful to have followers and I’ve made some wonderful blogging buddies, I also (and primarily) blog for myself. I find it cathartic and helpful in my every day life. As I recall I even wrote a blog about why I blog! It makes me more aware of my surroundings and the nuances of life, people and the world. It takes me outside myself and my every day troubles. So yes, it’s nice to have 5000 people reading my blog, but really–in the long run–the few that really, really care are the ones that matter, and the most vital statistic is ME! 🙂

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