This is the way to get more readers and likes

Ok, let me tell you this secret if you have not been told before. How to get more audience? How to get some comments? How to get more likes?

No, I don’t bother of all these. Well, that’s fine.
For the people who really wants the world to read their work and who don’t write personal diary on WordPress, I have something to share.
These techniques worked well for me, and I hope this will help you too.

1. If you want someone to read your work, you read other’s work as well and comment on them.
2. Don’t write something that depress others.
3. Don’t write more than few hundred words. I don’t like to read a 1000+ words of post.
4. Always write as a reader.

Enough for today,will share more ideas in next post.

27 thoughts on “This is the way to get more readers and likes

  1. agree to all the points
    1st one always works. because you will let people know you are also interested to read their thought process. law of reflection
    2)yes this will also work because people already have so much problem and may be they are looking for something which will deviate their mind from depressing things . may be they look for something refreshing , in other words
    3) this also works because already people are running out of their patience level. so they find it hard to complete reading very long articles
    so keep it short and simple
    4)works again!! simply because if you read your own article as a reader and like it may be chances are people will like it too

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  2. Don’t know about the second one, but the rest are a yes. OR write as a professional and make your blog a beacon for readers; so good that people can’t help but read.

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  3. I love numbers 3 and 4, because I have chopped hundreds of words out of posts or trashed anything over one thousand words simply because I have a limit of 800+ words. I also enjoy reading my posts and because I write them well in advance of being published, I get to read them over and over again. That’s the only reason they go on my blog. If I don’t feel it after the tenth read, it’s trashed. I have run into bloggers with this attitude that we readers are obliged to read everything they write and it is just incomprehensible. I wrote about one such person on my blog recently. I think the fifth item on the list is “have a positive attitude towards people”. I don’t know if people will like posts if you’re nice to them, but it certainly lifts my day when people respond to me in a positive way. It makes me want to write or paint things they’ll enjoy. Warmest, SB

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  4. Hard to keep up with so many people that´s for sure, but I try as humanly as possible to really read the post´s, and you´re exactly right, post that are too long I sort of skim over them get an overall idea and hit the LIKE button, so keeping it short is the way to go, there´s a bunch of people here and reading too long of a post well there is just not enough time in the day. And when you comment, also make sure you really read the post. And not a quick skim of it, I had comments in some of my post´s that I could tell the person hadn´t read half of what it was about, so I say thank you but you can tell. I agree with al that you have said, and that pisses me off by the way, I always want to come up with something more clever…. 😉 kidding, yep I have followed these rules for quite some time now, so you´re right on point with all you said.

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  5. Thanks for the ideas… I have many followers, but only a handful are dedicated and come by and like my work… I read many blogs and I do comment on occasion, but I’m always short on time and for me to write something meaningful takes time, but I will keep this in mind… Thanks again…

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    1. 🙂 yes, your are true, but if we can inspire more people it means we are on the right path 🙂 I like the quality more than quantity :-), would be willing to write a guest post on my blog? As you are one my best follower here, I would like ask the best one to give an opportunity to write a guest post 🙂 let me know if you are okay ::-) might be about blog, simple one or anything that inspired from my blog, or any other good thing happened recently 🙂


      1. thanx a bunch of your favourite flowers, iku2e! 🙂 I’m quite busy, so I’ll think it over, O.K. but meanwhile, you’re welcome to reblog any post you want or like from my blog… 🙂 c u asap! 😉

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  6. It doesn’t matter how many likes your work gets.Your points may work for a blogger,but it’ll surely ruin a writer.There should be no rules and preconditions to create a great piece of work.Just my opinion.


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