Learned Today

Silence is the best answer to the stupid questions.

39 thoughts on “Learned Today

    1. nice, this is normal quote everyone has in life, and I too have it..all the quotes I say here are from my life πŸ˜› hoping one day it will become a history πŸ™‚ hahha

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  1. True, when I remain silent in reaction of something very stupid, later I feel like a hero and a philosopher. Like that stupid thing was not even worth a reply.

    Silence is the best answer in such situations.

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  2. Do stupid questions really deserve silence??…. I believe the silence should be accompanied by a friendly smile; if it is at all possible. πŸ™‚
    Why not encourage them to think deeper and maybe the stupid question of theirs won’t be answered, but maybe it was never stupid because it caused someone to think about something valuable and maybe it caused them to teach themselves about solutions and processes to solve different problems that had nothing to do with their question.

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    1. Very interesting πŸ™‚ it’s always accompanied with smile ☺ so silence is not the only answer.
      Moreover, every question look valuable to the person who ask the question or sometimes they ask stupid questions to keep the people baffled their head. So smile and silence is the best answer πŸ™‚

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      1. lol dude, I like how friendly other open minded bloggers can be. Most of the time, I expect persecution from the internet, but this blogging is different…Maybe I got lucky..

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    1. I have a friend, he will ask something which he wants to know, while I start answering he will start making fun and ask so many questions which in fact stupid questions, so most of the time I just keep silence and smile πŸ™‚ I don’t mind if he thinks I’m a fool. He he

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