An Orphaned Baby: To an Impotent Dad

Note: I don’t find any more harsh word to describe those guys, and it happened to some known person.

He came on her way,
She was an innocent creature,

He taught her, how to love?
She learned as a human,

He knows her weakness,
She lost the heart to him,

He knows she will loose,
She got ready to loose her virginity,

He knows he is an impotent,
She knows his manliness,

He knows what is next,
She thought him beside her,

He knows where is other,
She let him know of her monthly,

He was shocked on his virility,
He knows how to escape,

She doesn’t know how to hold-
An orphaned baby born!

45 thoughts on “An Orphaned Baby: To an Impotent Dad

    1. yes. today i heard one my friend’s friend was cheated this way , a poor girl! – what to do! she is living with parents,,re read , i did few more changes,


  1. I am thrilled with this strong man who is speaking up for the need of involved “potent” fathers. The US is a mess now because of so many absent fathers. Keep encouraging men to love their children and do the work with children that is so important in their development. I love seeing in Indian when young families are out and about how the dad not the mom carries the baby as if he wants the world to see his precious gift. Amen !


    1. Wow, wonderful comment dear friend! Thanks for the support,Everywhere men who don’t care their babies should be called impotent who expected the unexpected!. Thanks


      1. I just thought that was the perfect word to describe these men ! Hey. . . .I love Incredible India, by the way if you haven’t read my blog!


  2. Told professor husband you thought I was from India ! He wanted to tell you that I am still timid crossing the streets! But actually, I am finally getting more courageous! 😎

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    1. that’s the sad part ofthe india in most of the cities, I should be sorry about that, but every country has its pros and cons, I am bit concerned about the recent shooting in US among school kids as everyone has gun, also I was little scared when I heard there are pickpockets in Italy, while travelled in train, I was happy that there would be no thieves in Singapore,as it is one of the safest city in the world, I was shocked when I lost my Reebok shoe which I left outside my house, when I lost the slippers one by one 3 days continuously, we all have to be careful and little courageous. I am happy you are courageous enough to survive in India! Thanks once again. 🙂 smiles


    1. Yes, was inspired and dedicating to one of my friend’s Malaysian friend’s sister! ..I was shocked when I heard such cases in asian countries!

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    1. yes. its true! a guy cheated a girl and let her with a baby in hand, i was shocked and shattered to write this poem, i wanted to write it in more vulgar way, but this is enough for now! I call him as impotent father who never expected a baby!,…when he realized he is potent ( able to give a baby), he escaped!


  3. I found it difficult to press the like button. I like the fact that you had the courage to put it on your blog. However, I don’t like the extremely sad message it carries.

    I am a regular reader of OM and as I perused your blog I found it to be one I’d like to follow.

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

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  4. This was powerful! As a single father who just went though a nasty custody battle it’s jerks like this guy that make it such an uphill battle for good men who want to be involved in their child(s) life.

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