Gods watch 8 year old raped In Modi’fied India

The brutal gang rape of Nirbhaya, in December 2012 shocked the world. And before the story of such sexual assault ends, there is another case of 8 years old Asifa been dragged into temple and raped by different men.

The motive behind this case was to drive Asifa’s nomadic community out of the area. Hindu nationalists have turned it into a rallying cry – not calling for justice for Asifa, but rushing to the defense of the accused. And the Hindu goons are shouting with “Jai Shri Ram”, rises the question if the hindu gods rape the children and do they teach to rape kids?

Read more on this in Google. The rapists should be shot to dead !!!

12 thoughts on “Gods watch 8 year old raped In Modi’fied India

      1. Don’t you think they raped a minority girl in the Hindu majority world.. I feel the whole north india just try to supress the minority and they don’t have tolerance towards the minority people.. Yes Not the god really raped , but what happened to the weapon they have in hand when an innocent girl is being raped in the temple? Are we still fooling the world India is secular country? Though myself being hindu I cannot be quiet asking the God is it you allowed or in the name of you , those men raped a girl in order to wipe out a particular community. It’s all because the ruling party is being a religious dependant,,, What do say about the people who said ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in favour of the accused? Is it Ram who asked to rape the girl and he is not saving the accused and they are asking him to come and save? this makes me question if their God is who delved into them and raped.. At times we have to be harsh to make a point..we can’t deny the motive behind this rape is revenge against a minority community… this is not politics but we have to eradicate the hatred towards other community or religion and we can’t be so dumb to accept and analyse the truth..

        Also there were women who had said they said they will set fire themselves if the accused is not released..what we can say about this?…
        finally I mean ‘Hindu Gods’ those in the name of religion hatred other people!!.. they are saying they came to save hinduism and god themselves… and we also worship many human Gods..so lets it be


  1. Who gave you rights to hurt sentiments of a whole community in the name of this crime? I am “with Aasifa” and those monsters must be given more than death punishment, that too very quickly. Because in our country justice comes after years. What those bastards have done shows their ill-human mindset. But dear ‘alienpoems’, you have no rights to hurt our belief. If you will check news there are many more such monsters daily coming into light. Go & search. I’m providing links for your ease. https://www.newsbytesapp.com/topic/rape
    Please protest also for them. Now in UP same crime occurred in mosque. So should I target a particular community or target that inhuman person. Obviously only that man sorry that beast is guilty. Remember crime has no community. “Stay against rapists, not community”. We all are first human & then anyone. And yes those who are supporting those morons, are somewhat ill-minded themselves. They have lost their senses in the name of religion. Understand, ill-mindset does not comes with any religion, colour, cast, country, economic condition etc. It’s deep inside those people who often use masks for the world & are beasts from inside.

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    1. Ok well, I do understand, if it hurts saying God.. then why the women in the protest say they will burn themselves if accused not released? and ‘Jai Shri Ram’ voices in the crowd? if ‘Ram’ asked to rape the girl was my question..and Yes, Allah never asked to rape any girl and that also be condemned strongly ..whoever goes in the name of religion to hurt and rape women are seem to me as the Gods of their religion,,


  2. This case was heartbreaking but definitely not shocking because apparently such case have become daily news for us in India. It saddens me that a developing nation so wide cannot bring justice to its women. We have a long way to go when it come to women safety and respect. I love how you are trying to reach out to people with your writing like many other who share their concern and fear. There is a need to educate children but the conservative society that we are forbids us from even mentioning rapes to children and that is probably the reason why they are unable to tell apart right from wrong. The youth needs to be taught.
    Recently even I wrote a poem on the Asifa Case portraying forward my disgust and anger towards the corrupt system and people who drag politics and religion into an issue like this. Its just not humane. Please do check it out once. The least we can do as individuals is try to make people understand by putting forward out thoughts.


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